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su27forserbia 31 août 2008Srpski polijelej-Pavle Aksentijevic
Serbian Orthodox Church song
I maked this video using chant(Srpski-polijelej)-song wich lenght is 15min and for video I used fottos of Serbian king dinasty starting with King Mihailo and Stefan Nemanja I (sent-Simeon) becouse of lenght you-tube didnt aproove upload so I had to upload two parts to have wholl chant with all Serbian rullers dinastys with there Churches and monasteries that they builded


Firts ruller of Serbia was Viseslav Vlastimirovic -in year 780 followed by others from House of Vlastimirovic :
Višeslav, ( 780)
Radoslav, (8th.9th.century)
Prosigoj,(?822-?836),son of Radoslav
Vlastimir, (?836-862),son of Prosigoj
Mutimir, (862-891),son of Vlastimir
Pribislav Mutimirović,(891-892),son of Mutimir
Petar Gojniković,(892-917), Mutimirs brother Gojnika
Pavle Branović,(917-923),grandson of Mutimir,son of Brana
Zaharija Pribislavljević,graeth-župan (923-924),son of Pribislav
Časlav Klonimirović,(927-950)

House of Vojisavjlevic(970-1081)

House of Vukanovic:
Vukan (1083/84 - 1112)
Marko (1083/84- ?)
Uroš I, (1112 -1145)moust-probablly son of Marko;
Uroš II Primislav (1145-1162),eldest son of Uroš I;
Beloš,midle son of Uroš I;
Desa,yongest son of Uroš I;

House of Nemanjic :
Stefan Nemanja also Stefan I, Nemanja (ca 1166-1199)
Vukan II Nemanjić (1196 - 1208)
Stefan Prvovenčani (Stefan the Firstcrowned) also Stefan II, Nemanja (1199- 1228), eldest son of Stefan Nemanja
Đorđe Nemanjić (1208 - 1243), Ruler of Zeta
Stefan Radoslav (1228 - 1233)
Stefan Vladislav I (1234 - 1243)
Stefan Uroš I (1243 - 1276)
Stefan Dragutin (1276 - 1282)
Stefan (Uroš II) Milutin (1282 - 1321)
Stefan Vladislav II (1321 - about 1325)
Stefan (Uroš III) Dečanski (1321 - 1331)
Stefan (Uroš IV) Dušan (Dušan the Mighty) (1331 - 1355), King of Serbia (1331 - 1346); Tsar of Serbs and Greeks (1346 - 1355)
Stefan Uroš V (Uroš the Weak) (1355 - 1371), tsar
Tsar Simeon-Siniša of Epirus (1359 -1370), son of Stefan Uroš III and the Greek Princess
Tsar Jovan Uroš of Epirus (1370 - 1373), son of Simeon-Siniša; is the very last ruler of Epirus

The current Royal House of Serbia, the Karađorđević dynasty, regards itself as the successor of the House of Nemanjić.

House of Hrebeljanovic:

Lazar Hrebeljanović (1371-1389)
Stefan Lazarević (1389-1427)

House of Brankovic:

Vuk Branković
Đurađ Branković (1427-1456)
Lazar Branković (1456-1458)
Stefan Branković (1458-1459)

Meny Churches and Monasteries that were billd by Nemanic dinasty on SERBIAN KOSOVO AND METOHIA are destroyed by albanians -one example is Monasery of Saint Mihail in Prizren build in time of Tsar Dusan (Uros-IV)

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