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30 mai 2010 7 30 /05 /mai /2010 12:04

The first antiphon of the liturgy ("Bless the Lord, O my Soul") in a contemporary setting by Sergei Tolstokulakov performed by the Novokuznetsk Spiritual Seminary Choir under the direction of his wife, Angelina Tolstolulakova. Photographs of contemporary Orthodox Christians make up the backdrop. Several of the photos were taken in Butyrki Prison near Moscow. The prisoners are our brothers in Christ, too, and shall you spare a prayer for them, please?

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Published by Eglise Orthodoxe de France : Cathedrale St Irenee - dans Films et Chants

Orthodoxie OccidentaleMOINE-GRAND-HABIT

depuis 1936



Priez puis silence ...


Saint Jean de San Francisco

11 St Jean de Changai

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