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1 juin 2016 3 01 /06 /juin /2016 23:54
The beginning of the video clip was taken during the evening vigil and you can see Archbishop Kyrill and Bishop Theodosy anointing the people after they venerate the relics of St. John. Also, during the same vigil, there is a shot of the altar area with the new altar recently arrived from Russia.

The next clip was taken early before the start of the liturgy Saturday morning while the church was nearly empty. From this we move to the end of the liturgy, with Archbishop Kyrill at the altar. You can see some of the clergy who concelebrated at the liturgy. Then we moved into the church after the liturgy for the molieben for St. John.

The final transition is to the dismissal after the molieben; the choir and then the clergy joining, singing Many Years, and the hierarchs giving the blessing with the cross

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